Increased fight for talent

With unemployment at its highest level in recent history it seems incongruent to be discussing how to source exceptional talent.  This is the reality of the South African job market. Strategic and “difficult to fill” positions are seldom filled through standard recruitment processes and it is these roles and capabilities that are very often what… Read more »

6 Steps To Transform Your Coaching Strategy


Like a great white shark, a business must keep moving forward in order to survive and remain competitive. Since organizations rely on effective leaders to guide progress, senior executives must also be in constant motion by learning new skills and adapting to changing environments. Leadership involves a wide range of personal and professional skills, and… Read more »

Leaders not Victims by Mark Peter Kahn

Leaders not Victims

You could fill an aircraft hangar with all of the books written about leadership. They talk about vision, innovation, mission, responsibility, enabling others and so on. Get Out of The Victim Position First! I want to talk about just one quality – it has three elements to it – which for me is the foundation of… Read more »

Honesty: The cornerstone of a healthy corporate culture.

Corporate Culture

“Honesty is the best policy” has been a longstanding cliché in the English language. Because many high profile hard-ball types betray this mantra, business people are given a bad name when it comes to integrity and honesty. Contrary to such stereotypes, many of the greatest leaders in the current wave of emerging businesses hold honesty,… Read more »

Prepare your CEO for the first 100 Days


If a board is well prepared the selection of a new CEO will signal the end of a long and comprehensive executive search process. However, it is just the start of a whole new process during which the new chief executive is acclimatised to the role. This period, usually a few days, is a crucial… Read more »