Honesty: The cornerstone of a healthy corporate culture.

Corporate Culture

“Honesty is the best policy” has been a longstanding cliché in the English language. Because many high profile hard-ball types betray this mantra, business people are given a bad name when it comes to integrity and honesty. Contrary to such stereotypes, many of the greatest leaders in the current wave of emerging businesses hold honesty,… Read more »

Prepare your CEO for the first 100 Days


If a board is well prepared the selection of a new CEO will signal the end of a long and comprehensive executive search process. However, it is just the start of a whole new process during which the new chief executive is acclimatised to the role. This period, usually a few days, is a crucial… Read more »

The power of Executive Networking


Business events have traditionally been a hub of networking and partnership opportunities. Executive networking is a crucial part of any business operation; it enables one to establish contacts with potential clients, partners and future employers. But networking comes in many forms – from corporate and social events to digital engagement. The ability to network effectively… Read more »

Building A Talent Acquisition Brand


This week, IIC Partners (Executive Headlines is the exclusive African partner) published a new white paper on “Building A Talent Acquisition Brand”which explores the role of talent acquisition departments in executive search and how clients can best enhance, leverage and structure their human capital strategy. A recent trend seen by executive search consultants has been the… Read more »

Big Data to Manage Human Capital

big data

Johannesburg based, Managing Partner of Executive Search firm, Executive Headlines agrees, “Managing vital human capital is a process that many companies neglect in favour of other operations. The hiring process is often performed on a “needs” basis and does not take into consideration the kind of big data needed to make optimal appointments. And optimal… Read more »