Even Big Companies need to think like Start-Ups

Think like a start-up

Thinking like a start-up can help jump-start growth, re-fresh tired strategies and make corporations more responsive to new trends and demands. Common perception dictates that startups are hothouses for creativity and innovation, while large corporations are too jammed up with bureaucracy and hierarchy to push the envelope towards new solutions. It’s easy to focus on… Read more »

The Ramifications of a Bad Hire

bad hire

Many of our clients admit to making poor hires each year.  What does this mean for a company, especially when the appointee is sitting in the c-suite making decisions that directly affect the bottom line? The full cost incurred from a bad hire includes recruitment or executive search,   training, lost business opportunities, reduction in team… Read more »

What do executives really want?

What executives want

Human nature dictates how we conduct ourselves within business spaces and operations. We often focus too heavily on our own interests and needs and fail to focus on designing solutions that benefit all parties. This especially applies to Executive Search where we are challenged by juggling multiple interests. In order to find the perfect fit… Read more »

Executive Search Trends: 2016 and beyond

Executive Search Trends

We are almost half way through 2016 so we thought we should assess emerging trends in the executive search industry, and in particular, what they mean for companies and candidates. The dynamics of executive search constantly evolve as companies look further than ordinary CV-based recruitment. The rapidly changing global economic stage has led to quick… Read more »

How to Create a Leadership Map

Today’s corporate and business environment is far more multi faceted than it was 30 years ago. While many of the fundamental challenges remain the same, the number of variables leaders have to juggle are inestimable; multi-generational workforce (and the consequent expectations), ever changing technologies, volatile economies and political turmoil to name a few. Trying to… Read more »