Executive Search Trends: 2016 and beyond

Executive Search Trends

We are almost half way through 2016 so we thought we should assess emerging trends in the executive search industry, and in particular, what they mean for companies and candidates. The dynamics of executive search constantly evolve as companies look further than ordinary CV-based recruitment. The rapidly changing global economic stage has led to quick… Read more »

How to Create a Leadership Map

Today’s corporate and business environment is far more multi faceted than it was 30 years ago. While many of the fundamental challenges remain the same, the number of variables leaders have to juggle are inestimable; multi-generational workforce (and the consequent expectations), ever changing technologies, volatile economies and political turmoil to name a few. Trying to… Read more »

A New Approach – Find Talent, Create Assets

This is a case of one-size-fits-all versus tailor made. One-size-fits-all is made with a general idea that a wide range of users will find the product usable – a generic solution. Custom-made, on the other hand, was intended to suit one user in particular, acknowledging the differences and aiming to satisfy specific needs. These terms… Read more »

Entrepreneurial Mom: How it worked for me.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect on how we, as working moms, manage the balancing act of work and kids. Because it’s a tough balance, and we all know it. My eldest daughter is now 23, so I have been managing the balance for a while now. I have… Read more »

Create a Community, not a Company

Individualism is a good idea – it promotes leadership, provides motivation and incentive and encourages learning, but like most ideas, it cannot succeed on its own. Corporations rely on a complex network of individuals and teams to drive goals and meet targets – this much is obvious, so why then do companies still fail to… Read more »