Talent management strategies are a must for NPO’s

Attracting highly skilled talent is a key challenge for the NPO/Development sector.  Budgets are constrained and the private sector moves quickly to absorb specialist skills such as Monitoring & Evaluation.  These professionals are paid a premium by corporates, pushing up the “going rate”. Our NPO clients have also struggled to find top quality EE Marketing, Communications and Human Resources Specialists, interested in making a career change out of the corporate sector.

Remuneration is an important consideration. The challenge is that NPO’s do not have the same size purse as the corporate sector and yet compete for the same quality talent.

Motivation is also key when hiring senior talent for an NPO. Understanding the candidate’s motivations and identification with the organisation’s values and goals is critical. We’ve found that the right talent is wired in a different way to the traditional corporate employee and that alignment with the candidate’s personal goals is a priority, as is alignment with the corporate culture.

Formalised talent management strategies are becoming critical for NPO’s in the war for talent.   A well-executed recruitment strategy may appear to be a daunting task.

Executive Headlines has successfully partnered with NPO’s to strategise, attract and stay within budget when making their senior executive and specialist appointments.   We research and headhunt for specific skills sets and screen candidates for the correct culture fit.  The best talent is not reading recruitment advertisements.  They need to be professionally approached and then carefully screened for their unique motivation to work in this sector.

Contrary to popular belief, headhunting is not more expensive, it is just a different system of payment to recruitment and yields a quality result due to its exclusive, targeted and direct nature.  A shortlist is presented within a defined timeframe and the organisation is supported by our team particularly if they do not have a dedicated HR Function.

We invite you to have a conversation with us to understand how we can partner with you to support your talent management.

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Image result for allan gray orbis foundation“Executive Headlines partnered with the Foundation to source five new C-suite posts over 2017 and 2018.  We found their levels of service exemplary from their taking of detailed specs, through sourcing highly competent potential candidates, to the ongoing and timeous progress reports. The directors worked with us closely and sensitively regretted those that were unsuccessful with helpful feedback.  We have found both Janet and Carilyn to be astute, client-centric and well-networked search partners able to deliver across a diverse range of roles” – Allan Gray Orbis Foundation